I’m Greg Freedman Ellis. I’m interested in data, public health, programming and technology.

Most recently I worked at the Iowa Department of Public Health, split between Oral Health Center where I helped develop and implement an Evaluation Plan and the PRAMS survey, where I led analysis on our survey of women post-partum. Before that, I worked at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation where I helped estimate risk factor burden for the Global Burden of Disease.

Some projects that have been keeping me busy lately are: the R package srvyr, which brings dplyr’s syntax to analysis of complex survey data, and hopefully details on a few more coming to the blog here soon (hopefully).

I’m currently looking for a job, here’s a pdf resume. If you think I’m a good fit for a position or project, please get in touch.

This site is a learning project, so it’s based on a lot of other people’s work, find out more details here.